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0.6/1 kV 4 Cores XLPE Insulated STA Power Cable

YJV wire and cable, namely 0.6/1kv XLPE insulated PVC sheathed power cable. This product is for rated voltage (U0/U) 0.6/1---26/35kv power line transmission and distribution, the product standard is GB12706.3-91.

0.6/1 kV 4 cores, XLPE insulation, Steel tape armored,PVC sheath power cable
Nominal Cross Section Area Insulation Thickness Sheath Thickness Cable outer Diameter Reference Cable Weight D.C Conductor Resistance Testing Voltage
Cu Al Cu Al
mm2 mm mm mm kg/
?/km ?/km kV
4 0.7 1.8 18.0 454 309 ≦4.61 ≦7.41 3.5
6 0.7 1.8 19.5 557 379 ≦3.08 ≦4.61 3.5
10 0.7 1.8 21.5 791 538 ≦1.83 ≦3.08 3.5
16 0.7 1.8 25.0 1210 823 ≦1.15 ≦1.91 3.5
25 0.9 1.8 28.5 1672 1134 ≦0.727 ≦1.20 3.5
35 0.9 1.8 31.0 2127 1446 ≦0.524 ≦0.868 3.5
50 1.0 1.9 34.0 2802 1906 ≦0.387 ≦0.641 3.5
70 1.1 2.2 37.5 3758 2574 ≦0.268 ≦0.443 3.5
95 1.1 2.4 41.5 4892 3258 ≦0.193 ≦0.320 3.5
120 1.2 2.5 46.5 6033 4103 ≦0.153 ≦0.253 3.5
150 1.4 2.6 48.5 7356 5002 ≦0.124 ≦0.206 3.5
185 1.6 2.8 54.5 8679 5902 ≦0.0991 ≦0.164 3.5
240 1.7 3.0 61.5 10002 6802 ≦0.0754 ≦0.125 3.5

Operational performance

The power frequency rated UO/U is 0.6/1KV;

The cable conductor allows a long-term maximum operating temperature of 90℃;

The maximum temperature of the cable conductor does not exceed 250℃ in the event of a short circuit (maximum duration not exceeding 5 s);

The ambient temperature at which the cable is laid should not be less than 0℃;

Cable bending radius: not less than 15 times the cable outer diameter.

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