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The Analysis of Common Problems in Wires and Cables

Some of the common problems in the use of wire and cable are as follows:

1. The phenomenon of scorching

(1) The temperature reflects super high, or the instrument that controls the temperature fails, causing the plastic to be ultra-high temperature and scorched.

(2) The nozzle of the machine head has a large smoke, a strong irritating odor, and a buzzing sound.

(3) Granular scorch on the surface of the plastic.

(4) There are continuous pores at the joints.

2. The cause of the scorch

(1) The temperature control is super high, causing the plastic to burn.

(2) The screw is used for a long time without cleaning, and the scorch is accumulated and extruded with the plastic.

(3) The heating time is too long, and the plastic deposits are heated for a long time, which causes the plastic to deteriorate and burn.

(4) The parking time is too long, there is no cleaning head and screw, which causes the plastic to decompose and burn.

(5) Multiple mold changes or color changes, causing the plastic to decompose and burn.

(6) The head cover is not pressed, and the plastic is aged and decomposed inside.

(7) The instrument that controls the temperature fails, causing scorch after ultra-high temperature.

3. The method of eliminating burnt

(1) Regularly check if the heating system is normal.

(2) Clean the screw or the machine head regularly and thoroughly clean it.

(3) According to the requirements of the process, the heating time should not be too long. If there is any problem with the heating system, it should be promptly found by relevant personnel.

(4) Change the mold or change the color in a timely and clean manner to prevent mottling or burnt scorching.

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