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Wiring Method of Steel Core Aluminum Strand Wire

Steel Core Aluminum Strand Wire

There are many ways of wiring steel core aluminum strand, the best way of wiring is consistent with the project, therefore, we should according to the engineering situation, several ways of integrated use.

1. Point to point. Each monitoring point pulls a network cable or a 2-pair four-core super Category 5 line. If this point needs to transmit a control signal, the remaining lines of the two pairs can be used to transmit the control signal.

2. A string of strings. Pull a network cable every four monitoring points. When wiring, divide the four channels of the accessory into one area. Pass the network cable through the four points in the near and far order. At each point, pull out the outer skin and take out one pair of lines for one camera use.

3. Centralize first, send later.Firstly, the camera signals are gathered together through the coaxial axis, and then transmitted back to the monitoring center through a network cable after entering the multi-channel transmitter.

4. Tree structure.Use 2 pairs of 4-core twisted pair to pull the signals of scattered monitoring points to a relatively concentrated place, and then pull them back to the monitoring center through 4 pairs or large pairs of twisted pairs of super 5 type.

All the above-mentioned wiring joints of steel-cored aluminum stranded wires must be connected by welding, and should be wrapped after welding to prevent water ingress and oxidation.

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